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Imagine having a way to reach your target market that is virtually untapped by your competitors. That’s where email was a few years back. Now our email inboxes are inundated with newsletters, promotions and knowledge-rich information. 65% of email is now considered spam. Mobile marketing, with stringent policies in place, only has a 10% spam rate and is the next big marketing opportunity!

The other day I watched a webinar by Blaine Mathieu, CMO, of Lyris, Inc. called, Using Mobile for Email Campaigns: A Primer, and saw a few innovation ways companies are using this relatively new method of communication. There are strengths and weaknesses to mobile marketing, which is why it is important to combine your message with other marketing tools. One great advantage is that the SMS (simple message service) is usually read within 15 minutes, so it instills the receiver with a sense of urgency in the ‘call to action’. Most people respond to their text messages within 60 minutes. Also, it is an intimate way to reach people; just make sure the message is relevant to their individual needs.

One of the weaknesses in using SMS is that the text must be less than 160 characters so the message must be short. Often, it is necessary to use another resource to deliver the complete message. Plus, used inappropriately or too often, what could be a positive way to communicate could quickly be viewed negatively.

If you would like to learn more about using mobile marketing in your next marketing campaign Lyris, Inc.is offering a free Mobile Marketing How-To Guide at http://lyris.com/go/mobilehowto


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Mobi is the next new thing in marketing. What does your website look like on a mobile phone? Mine was jumbled. Links to other sites were pushed to the top and information about my company far below. Contact information? Let’s just say the average cell phone user would not scroll down that far. See how your site looks – go to http://www.google.com/gwt/n and enter your URL (domain name). Check off ‘go’. Don’t check off ‘no images’, let’s make it interesting.

After you see your results I’m sure you will want to go to http://www.mobisitegalore.com and put together your free (or voluntary donation) mobile website. You can build it in minutes and it’s very simple. Email if you have questions at kclark@myriadmarketing.net

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It was wonderful to see so many people interested in learning more about LinkedIn at the Intuitionet Networking Group last night. I covered a lot of information in my talk during the program: LinkedIn can feel overwhelming at times. I find if you start with a few simple steps, explore, ask questions . . . it makes the journey much easier.

One of the more important features that we didn’t have a chance to talk about was Account and Settings. These controls set your privacy levels, how you are contacted by your connections, your profile visibility, your network and more.

The first setting is your profile setting. When you open the site it will give you options to start building your bio. Before you start this section, think carefully how you plan to use your LinkedIn site. Are you a Jobseeker, looking for networking connections, or an Entrepreneur? The depth of information you decide to share will change according to your end use.  Note: It is in this section, under Professional Headline, that you could add a more detailed description about yourself – you can add up to 120 characters.

After building your profile and uploading a photograph the rest of the settings in the Profile Setting refer to visibility. The choices are typically My Connections, My Network (network setting and group members), and Everyone. Choose the level that you are comfortable with, remember you can always change it at any time.

In the next setting, Email, you will be deciding how you want to be contacted by your connections and if you will allow people outside your connections to send messages to your inbox.

The Home Page settings allow you to choose what you see about your connections. For example, do you want to know when they change their profile information, status, add a connection, answer a question, post a job.

At this point, I don’t think you need to set a RSS Feed. This feature would be set if you expect to have a lot of dialog with your connections and groups.

In Group settings you decide if you would like to receive invitations to join groups and the Personal Information setting refers to your account information – password, email, how you want your name posted, etc.

Privacy settings are next, with questions regarding research participation and do you want to see your connections photographs. I recommend that you set your Connections browse so that your contacts can view your connections, after all, this is a social networking site. The Profile View is asking what you want people to see when you go and look at their site, most people choose, don’t show users that I view their profile.

If you are a new user, you can probably avoid the next three features Service Provider Directory, Partner Advertising, Authorized Applications.

The last setting, Using Your Network, prompts you to check off the ways you will be using LinkedIn and will the post those choices at the bottom of your profile.

That’s it for Account and Settings, not to difficult was it?! If you have any questions as you create your profile feel free to post a comment at this site (bottom of the article – link that reads, No (or number) Comment. Good-luck with LinkedIn.

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