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I have heard it said that newspapers are dead. Yet, they continue distributing the daily news even as they struggle to survive in an environment that is increasingly moving online. Most newspapers have evolved by offering the news in an interactive format on the internet.
Because of this, the power behind the use of a press release or feature article has grown exponentially. Think about the potential return on a published article: You have a third-party endorsement of your knowledge-base on a topic closely related to your industry. This will not only enhance your credibility with a client, but also builds prestige for the firm brand. After publication you can request a copy of the article to reprint and add to your company literature, proposals, or newsletter with the appropriate reference to where it was published.
 Oftentimes, your article will be automatically placed on the newspaper’s website. Today, this is one of the great add-on benefits you get by submitting an article. You can link this article to all your online sites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly to your own company website. This lengthens the time your article is exposed to the public, expands your audience reach, and will boost traffic to your website increasing your standing with search engines. Imagine all the free publicity you can receive from just a little investment of time!
 Submit a feature article to a newspaper.
First, think about what topic would be of interest to the readers of the newspaper that you are pitching your story idea. Send a short summary of the highlights of the article you would like to write, your background and how they can easily contact you. Most editor’s like to receive this information via email.
If it’s a feature article follow up by telephone with the editor after a few days (not the day before or on a publication day). If you have not been contacted after this you can submit the article idea to another newspaper.
Do you want to learn more about how to use the, ‘Power of the Press’? Contact me a kclark@myriadmarketing.net or comment on this blog post. Remember, . . . write and be seen!

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