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Recent security changes in Facebook have been necessary and very long in coming. The “network” setting has been an open door to profiles ever since I joined the site many years ago. A few weeks ago, Facebook announced their new security measures and fixed the problem, but why didn’t they add one additional choice? A security setting in their pop-up page that would let you decide whether to allow them to use your profile photo or posted social actions in Facebook ads?

Just to be clear, Facebook does not sell your information to advertisers, but they sometimes pair your profile photo or action (becoming a fan of a Page) with an advertisement on your friend’s pages. See example:

If you don’t want your profile photos or actions to be included in advertising on your friend’s wall go to the Settings link at the top of your Facebook page. Once inside you will see a row of tabs across the top – “Settings”, “Networks”,  “Notifications”, etc. The last one in the row is “Advertising”. When you open it you will see the heading, “Ads shown by third-party applications”, you have the choice of letting them use your photo’s or choosing the “No One” can use option. Further down, is the setting for Facebook ads, you again have the same choice.

Facebook is a terrific way to reconnect with friends, just make sure you are only sharing the information you want to, and with whom you want to, when you post something on your page.


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